American Estate Sales, LLC




How much notice do we need to give you?

Approximately 2 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less.

What does the owner need to do?

Please remove the items you wish to keep or store separately in a secure room/location in the home. Do not dispose of anything you're not sure of.

What are numbers?

When your sale begins, we welcome buyers into the home using a numbering system for orderly entry and to prevent overcrowding and confusion.

What are bids?

Buyers can leave silent bids to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items.

Can you provide written appraisals for specific items?

Yes we are happy to provide written fair market or insurance appraisals. (Additional charge for this service).

My home is for sale, can you promote it during the sale.

Absolutely, we can distribute promotional material provided by you or your agent on the days of the sale.